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Non-Refundable Rate

Breakfast included

Non-refundable rates will be charged to the customer's account within three days of the reservation confirmation.


The Non Refundable Rate will be charged up to 48 hours after the reservation.

Credit card required at time of booking.

Accommodation only

Room Only

Reservation without breakfast.

Refundable rates:

For reservations canceled anytime before 18:00, local time, five days before arrival, 100% of a deposit or full payment will be refunded. If the cancellation occurs after 18:00, local time, a one night cancellation fee will apply. Any refunds due will be processed within 7 days of cancellation.
In the event of a no-show, there is no refund.

VAT included in the price of the room. Prices are for two people, with breakfast included. Each extra person per room, over the age of two, implies an extra charge of € 50 / night.

Tourist tax of 2 € / person per night up to a maximum of 14 €, not included in the room price.

City tax of € 2 night per person up to a maximum of € 14, not included on the room rate.

For refundable rates, for stays of more than two nights, a deposit of one night stay is required.

You'll be charged 1 night(s) of the total stay. If you cancel after 06:00 PM local time, less than 4 day(s) before arrival.

Credit card required at time of booking.